Protocols Planned For Apples

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Fast Decision Making

  • FHEL was incorporated on 1st February 2006
  • State of the art Controlled Atmosphere Facility  commissioned in August 07
  • 4 Pre-Coolers have also been procured.
  • In the very first year of operation i.e. 2006-2007 success fully procured sizable quantity of premium quality apples from Himachal Pradesh and sold them in open market.
  • During 2007-2008FHEL has achieved 12000 MT of apples procured, stored in CA and marketed in off season market at competitive rates.
  • During 2008-09 apple are being supplied directly to retail chains.
  • Strict quality control on all incoming and outgoing materials.
  • Apples sorted/graded on computerized machine to ensure uniformity in quality and delivery as per promise.

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