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A lot is being said and debated on the potential that India has to emerge as a major hub for trade in fruits and vegetables. This is primarily because of our strength of a large horticultural bio-diversity and significant volumes of fruits and vegetable currently is to the tune of Rs 1, 90,000 Cr. It is also estimated that 30% of the fruit and vegetable production is lost due to poor post harvest management, being valued at almost rs.60, 000 Cr. Given the above situation there exists a tremendous business opportunity in the post harvest technology, cold chain infrastructure, improvement in yield, quality. Marketing etc.

Realizing the potential in this area CONCOR decided to set up its fully owned subsidiary called Fresh and Healthy Enterprise Limited.

FHEL is a fully owned subsidiary of CONCOR. It was incorporated in February 2006 with Rs 35 Cores as equity from CONCOR. It has been set up to create world class cold chain infrastructure in the country, to provide complete cold chain logistics solutions to the various stakeholders in this area. FHEL intends to derive its strength from CONCOR its holding company that has continuously achieved excellent MOU ratings and has a track record of excellence in the logistics services sector.

 We at FHEL are convinced of long term value that we  will be able to add to the Fruits and Vegetables sector in the country. In its first year of operation FHEL has progressed well towards its goal of value creation in the F and V sector. FHEL has procured and traded around 1200 tones of quality apples from Shimla and Kinnaur district of Himachal. It’s first 12000 MT State-of the-art CA store, currently the largest in the country, is operational since August 2007. During 2007-2008, FHEL procured, stored and marketed about 12,000 MT of apples from Shimla & Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. FHEL has taken office space in various locations in Himachal. FHEL has also recruited experienced professional from various fields. The capital cost of the first CA facility is around Rs. 90 Cr.

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