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Prime Objectives of FHEL

To erect, purchase, hire, own, operate, manage, use, rent or otherwise acquire Cold Stores and to carry on the business of providing facilities and services for Cold Supply Chain operations including but not limited to procurement, import, transport, handling, storage, grading & packing including branding, distribution, marketing, export and selling of fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen foods etc for the Company and third party business.

Incidental Objectives

To establish modern Cold Supply Chain that will act as a catalyst for the development of a modern, efficient, and safe food chain to meet the growing demands from the hospitality industry, corporates, exporters, importers, food distribution companies etc.

To develop and apply new scientific methods to all aspects of post-harvest management including proper handling of produce starting from the farm, during cold storage, transport in refrigerated containers and distribution, to bring freshness and value to the food supply chain.

To facilitate storage of large quantities of fruits and vegetables for longer periods by using 'stateof- art' technologies like Controlled Atmosphere (C.A) Storage, for taking advantage of price difference between peak season and off-season of produce.

To provide customised end-to-end Cold Supply Chain services capable of handling the produce from the farm gate to the end customer to eliminate wastage by integrating all activities from pre and post harvest management to storage and logistics for the fresh produce.

To link modern cold stores to the farms and the market through logistics network based on the use of refrigerated trucks and containers supported by an IT Network with latest software applications for managing an efficient supply chain.

To manage demand supply imbalances in a better manner and potential elimination of inefficiency along the supply chain by reducing the number of intermediaries.

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