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Cold chain may be defined as a logistic system that provides a series of facilities for maintaining ideal storage conditions for perishables from the point of production to the point of consumption. This is generally absent, but a critical segment of the Indian cold chain logistics infrastructure.

We have realized that there is great amount of wastage happening in post Harvest activities. This wastage is being estimated at 25% of total produce or approx Rs.50000Cr US $10 Billion. Indian Agriculture sector accounts for 26% of country ‘s GDP, produces 64% employment and 18% of country’s exporter and second largest vegetable Exporter but Indian share is only 1% of world trade.

Storage of cold Storage facility and refrigerated transport lead to inefficiency in handling perishable which manifest it into wastages. Some estimates say that the post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables losses of fruits and vegetables alone in India is more than the total production of fresh fruits and vegetables in Great Britain.

Usp’s Of FHEL Cold Chain Project

  • Controlled Atmosphere Stores to be established in country for the first time- different from conventional cold stores
  • Technologies to be ‘the state of the art’ proven technology.
  • End to end cold chain solution will be provided: from farm gate to wholesaler/distributor to retailers/chain/fruit marts
  • Strong logistic focus
  • Nation- wide presence
  • Size & scale


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