Protocols Planned For Apples

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  Protocols Planned for Apples


FHEL by bringing in the latest technology & economies of scale is in a position to provide quality fruits to the consumers through out the year. FHEL ensures supply of quality of apples through following protocols.


  • Provide guidance to grower on correct Agriculture practices to ensure better quality fruits and better yields.
  • Testing of Maturity & color of Apples by trained personnel.
  • Plucking at appropriate time.

Post- harvest

  • FHEL designed cartons used for packing of apples.
  • Apples to be pre cooled in a near by Hub to remove the field heat in FHEL designed mobile pre coolers.
  • Transportation after Pre cooling by Reefers to our facility at Rai, near Delhi
  • Storage in our ‘state- of- art’ CA chambers
  • Apples Graded & Sorted on computerized automatic imported Sorting/Grading lines.
  • Grading and Sorting will also be under controlled ambient temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Dispatch of apples in Reefers to different markets across the country.
  • Both Bulk & Retail packing will be done on automatic

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